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Click on one of the 'ENROLL IN FREE COURSE' links located below to enroll into a free course which will demonstrate how the BioPharma Institute's online eLearning delivery system works. We recognize that the best way to demonstrate our training methods is for you to enroll into one of our online training courses. This way you can view the course, take the final assessment, and launch the certificate of completion. If you have questions please call or email at your convenience.

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Free Documents and Records GMP Course

FREE GMP Documentation and Record Keeping Course

An Abridged GMP Documentation and Record Keeping course is available for viewing.
How well do you and your staff understand the requirements for proper documentation and record keeping to withstand an FDA audit? This course provides an easy to understand overview covering Quality Alert; Need for Documentation; Record Keeping; Case Study. A special offer for the entire course is available at the conclusion.

Free GCP Training Course

FREE GCP: Intro. to Clinical Trials and Drug Development, An Abridged Course

This course provides an understanding of how clinical trials fit into the drug development process. This is an abridged, GCP03 Introduction to Clinical Trials and Drug Development, course.

Fair Market Value Training Course

FREE FMV: Fair Market Value - An Abridged Course

This course provides an understanding of how fair market value is assessed. This is an abridged course. A full length course will be availble in the fall of 2012.

Free Circulating Tumor Cells as Biomarkers Course

FREE Circulating Tumor Cells as Biomarkers, An Abbreviated Course

Course describes how Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) are used as Biomarkers in Clinical Development. Details as to metastasis and how CTCs disseminate. Analysis of how CTCs are captured and used for their predictive and prognostic characteristics. Several seminal scientific reports and implementation of CTCs in biomarker studies related to oncology drug development are addressed.

Free Webinar: Social Media for Healthcare

FREE Live Webinar Social Media for Healthcare: Digital Marketing 101

This free webinar is offered once every 30 days, and describes at a high level; 1) Social Media for Healthcare Overview: Essentials and legal concerns, 2) Mega-Conversions for your Website: How to design and manage your online community for better reputation management and profit, and more.

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Types of Training Offered From the BioPharma Institute:

Live, In-person Training: The acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of having a live, in-person instructor is a wonderful way to train employees. However, the cost involved, the inconsistency of formats, and variety of quality among teachers all contribute to the extreme variability in its performance. Many companies spend lots of money providing unsuccessful training to its employees. At the BioPharma Institute we have a pool of live, in-person, instructors with proven experience delivering high-quality and effective training.

Computer-based Training: The activity of imparting and acquiring skills through training provided via computer, either offline or through the Internet, allows the trainee to learn at their own pace and review topics more than once through illustrations, reading text, and listening to online seminars. This can be a very effective, time- and cost-efficient, method of training. By incorporating progress checks, problem solving, case studies, and mnemonic learning aids, this form of training can be extremely successful. At the BioPharma Institute we have made computer-based training our expertise. We are proud to offer our SME-developed content and proven experience delivering high-quality and effective computer-based training to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world.

Blended Training: Blended Training incorporates both, Live, In-person Training with supplemented Computer-based training. This method allows for the added assurance that preparation for training has been performed by all learners. Many companies are now resorting to blended training to increase the performance of their training activities. At the BioPharma Institute, we have experience assisting companies with developing and implementing this activity into their delivery.

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Professional Designation in Global Medical Device Regulatory Affairs
(Program ID: MD00S1)
Professional Designation in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
(Program ID: GMP001S1)
Professional Designation in Good Laboratory Practices
(Program ID: GLP00S1)
Professional Designation in BioPharma IT/IS Compliance and Qualifications
(Program ID: ISIT0S1)
Professional Designation in US Medical Device Regulatory Affairs
(Program ID: MD00S2)
Professional Designation in Microbiology Lab Techniques and Quality Control (GLP)
(Program ID: GLP00S3)
Professional Designation in US Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs
(Program ID: PRA000S1)
Professional Designation in Electronic Signatures & Records (21 CFR Part 11)
(Program ID: ESR001S)
Employee Certification in Understanding Pharmaceutical cGMPs
(Program ID: E1GMP)
Professional Designation in Clinical Trials Management
(Program ID: GCP00S1)
Professional Designation in Clinical Trials Monitoring
(Program ID: GCP00S)
Professional Designation in Medical Device Quality Management
(Program ID: MD00S3)
Employee Certification in Understanding Medical Device cGMPs
(Program ID: E1GMPMD)
Professional Designation in Genetic Inheritance and Identification
(Program ID: GENE05S)
Professional Designation in Social Media for Healthcare
(Program ID: SOMEA01)
Professional Designation in Quality Control in the Laboratory (GLPs)
(Program ID: GLP00S2)
Professional Designation in Good Clinical Practice
(Program ID: GCP00S2)
Professional Designation in Pharmaceutical Validation Management
(Program ID: VAL00S1)
Professional Designation in Computer System Validation for BioPharma Companies
(Program ID: VAL00S2)
Professional Designation in Microbiology and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
(Program ID: GMP001S2)

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