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Monday, November 18, 2019
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(CMCCP) Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) Certified Professional™

At BioPharma Institute, we provide leading Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) Certified Professional™ post and preparatory courses via our online platform. Whether you are a business owner or a busy working individual, our online CMCCP post and preparatory training course will give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

What is Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) Certified Professional™?

The Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) Certified Professional™ program is offered by The Center for Professional Innovation & Education (CfPIE).

Also known as CMCCP, Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) Certified Professional™ is a credential that indicates you are proficient in preparing and submitting CMC documents to regulatory agencies around the world. The online CMCCP preparatory course is perfect for tech savvy individuals and those who do not need a conventional classroom setting to learn.

Who Should Get CMCCP Certified?

If you are involved in the manufacture and development of pharmaceuticals, you will benefit from participating in our online Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls Certified Professional™ preparatory course. This online course also applies to personnel who are responsible for the preparation of CMC documents as well as their submission to regulatory agencies.

Overview of CMCCP Coursework Details

At BioPharma Institute, our CMCCP online preparatory course basically covers CMC information for both biological and chemical drugs. Here is a quick look at some of the other topics we cover:

  • Learning how European Union regulatory issues affect new product development
  • Familiarization with EMA and national requirements
  • Understanding requirements for proper EU quality dossier submissions
  • Learning how to facilitate a drug development process; from discovery to commercialization
  • Learning how to develop an effective CAPA strategy
  • … and more!

Upon completion of the learning program, you can expect to be thoroughly familiar with CMC topics. You will also learn about the various requirements for regulatory submissions, which makes adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices easier throughout the product life-cycle.

Benefits of Taking the CMCCP Preparatory Course at BioPharma Institute

At BioPharma Institute, we’ve got all your CMCCP certification preparatory needs covered. Find out how we are prepared to assist you:

  • Highly qualified customer service team: Our experienced customer service team strives to deliver a consistent and continually improving customer experience as you pursue any online program at BioPharma Institute.
  • Courses recognized by a broad range of industries: You can enjoy complete peace of mind as the courses here are recognized by many industries across the globe.
  • Convenient and flexible course formats: Learning on a busy work schedule? Our course formats are highly flexible and can accommodate to any personal schedule and organizational concerns.
  • Advanced eLearning tools: Since our inception, we have maintained a consistent track record of providing high quality online training solutions via advanced eLearning training techniques and automated tracking systems.
  • We cater to training projects of any size: If you have been tasked to arrange a CMCCP online preparatory course for your organization, we can assist you with all aspects of the training project.

Prepare for the CMCCP Certification at BioPharma Institute Today!

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