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Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Bacteria: An Overview (BACTO)

Certification Training Duration: 0.6 hours (the average time to complete the training program, including final assessments).
Credits Hours: 1
Self-paced Training: 24/7 access to course.
Enrollment Period: 3 months.
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BioPharma Institute LogoTraining Program: Bacteria: An Overview
Training Provided By: BioPharma Institute

Availability: Immediately available upon ordering.

Description: Online training with immediate access upon enrollment. Bacteria are single-celled microscopic organisms. Although most types of bacteria survive in the environment around us as independent organisms, there are some species of bacteria that live within the human body. These organisms can be beneficial, neutral, or harmful to the tissues they inhabit. This course reviews the cellular composition, life cycle, and classification of bacteria.
Certification Requirements: Students must view the entire program and successfully pass an online, multiple-choice final assessment with >80% passing grade within a 90 day period of time (180 days for Professional Certification Programs). Certificate is accessible in PDF format immediately after satisfying requirements.

Online Training Programs Include:

  • Immediate access to training: Instructions, user name, password and receipt of payment emailed instantly upon online enrollment
  • Optimized for learning: Courses include voice-overs, easy navigation, progress checks, and high-quality animations to increase retention of subject matter
  • Self-paced training: 24/7 access to individual courses for 90 days; and 180 days for professional certification programs
  • Flexible final assessments: Tests include multiple-choice questions and can be taken repeatedly until a passing score is achieved
  • Direct access to certificates: Documentation instantly available once course requirements have been fulfilled
  • Corporate reimbursements: Employers may pay for or reimburse employees for training. Purchase orders (POs) for both individual and group training are accepted
  • Corporate LMS solutions: All courses are SCORM compliant and can be delivered from most corporate Learning Management Systems
  • Career advancement: Professional certifications may be helpful for those seeking new careers or transitioning to different positions within their organization

The Bacteria: An Overview course is found in the following professional certification program(s):


1. Course Information
2. Interface Tour
3. Course Overview

4. Objectives
5. The Cell Wall and Gram Classification
6. Cytoplasm
7. DNA
8. RNA
9. Capsule and Flagella
10. Taxis
11. Fimbriae and Pili
12. Progress Check

13. Objectives
14. Binary Fission and Fragmentation
15. Reproduction Requirements
16. Sporulation
17. Growth in a New Environment
18. Progress Check

19. Objectives
20. Phylogenetic Tree
21. Binomial Nomenclature
22. Cell Shape and Arrangement
23. Gram Stain Reaction
24. Oxygen Requirements
25. Metabolic Requirements
26. Symbiotic Relationships
27. Bacterial Subtypes
28. Mode of Pathogenic Action
29. Disease-causing Characteristics
30. Progress Check

31. Summary


Describe the key characteristics of bacteria.
List the cellular structures found in a bacterium.
Explain binary fission.
Define “bacterial growth.“
Describe the physical and chemical requirements for bacterial growth and reproduction.
List the four phases of bacterial growth.
Classify common types of bacteria on the species level.
Differentiate between gram positive and gram negative bacteria.
Describe the difference between aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
Explain the differences between “commensalism“,“mutualism,“ and “parasitism.“
List common human bacterial pathogens.

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