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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Electronic Signatures & Records Professional Certification Program (ESR001S)

Certification Training Duration: 8.8 hours (the average time to complete the training program, including final assessments).
Credits Hours: 9
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PRICE: USD $875.00

Description: This professional certification program details electronic signatures and records (21 CFR Part 11), excel spreadsheet and FDA device regulations, audit trails, how to successfully prepare for and host an FDA inspection, and more.
Training Provided By: BioPharma Institute

BioPharma Institute LogoThe Electronic Signatures & Records Professional Certification Program Includes the Following Individual Courses:

Electronic Signatures & Records – 21 CFR Part 11: In 1997 the FDA gave the Industry the set of rules for electronic signatures and electronic records. It became 21 CFR Part 11: Electronic Signatures, Electronic Records. This course discusses why Title 21 of Code of Federal Regulations Part 11, or ’21 CFR Part 11′ was developed, the role Part 11 plays in the adherence to other sections of 21 CFR, and explores the general concepts of security in a Part 11 compliant system.

Excel Spreadsheet and FDA Device Regulations: FDA Inspections are based on ensuring compliance with the regulations. Failure to comply can result in the FDA citing the company for a violation, i.e., listing it on an FDA Form 483 Inspectional Observations. The FDA may even escalate these observations to a Warning Letter. For example- a manufacturing engineer may recognize that an Excel spreadsheet could reduce the possibility of error in a manual calculation. On its own, the spreadsheet would be a valuable Preventive Action. However if the spreadsheet is not validated, approved, and documented properly it may create a problem during an FDA inspection. An invalidated spreadsheet violates the QSR requirements for automated processes.

21 CFR Part 11: Ins and Outs of Audit Trails: This 21 CFR Part 11 training will provide types of audit trails and Strategies of implementing compliant audit trails as per 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

21 CFR Part 11: How to Successfully Prepare for and Host an FDA Inspection: This course will provide valuable assistance to all regulated companies that have or going to implement 21 CFR Part 11 systems, including companies in the Medical Device, Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical, Biologics, Software fields. The employees who will benefit include:

21 CFR Part 11: Auditing for Part 11 Compliance:

Technology is playing a significant role in compliance than ever before. That’s why proper preparation and presentation of electronic signatures and electronic records must be done in accordance to 21 CFR Part 11, an FDA regulation. The 21 CFR Part 11: Auditing for Part 11 Compliance Course will teach students what inspectors and auditors look out for during inspections. You are required to pass an online, multiple-choice final assessment after completing the theory phase of the course.

Benefits of Getting Certified at BioPharma Institute

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21 CFR Part 11: Compliance for Electronic Medical Records:

The 21 CFR Part 11: Compliance for Electronic Medical Records is one of the training components of the Electronic Signatures & Records Professional Certification Program. The use and storage of medical records has drawn a huge debate from many stakeholders in the recent past, with issues such how these records should be assessed taking center-stage. This course provides an overview of the FDA guidelines that generally regulate the storage and use of medical records. Once completed, the students are assessed using a multiple-choice examination and a passing grade of at least 80% is required. The test can be taken with an unlimited number of tries.

Benefits of Getting Certified at BioPharma Institute

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