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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Genetic Inheritance and Identification Program (GENE05S)

Certification Training Duration: 5 hours (the average time to complete the training program, including final assessments).
Credits Hours: 5
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PRICE: USD $99.00

Description: This program includes all 10 of the genetics courses offered by the BioPharma Institute.
Training Provided By: BioPharma Institute

BioPharma Institute LogoThe Genetic Inheritance and Identification Program Includes the Following Individual Courses:

Genetics: Introduction to DNA – The Building Blocks of Life: This course teaches the ins and outs of DNA through implementation of an interactive approach to learning. The course describes inheritance, DNA transcription, translation to RNA, and protein synthesis. It is a wonderful course for those interested in learning more about how DNA works.

Genetic Inheritance: Dominant vs. Recessive: This course describes inheritance using interactive lessons and case studies. The course looks at Gregor Mendel, and his early experiments on traits found in pea plant. Mendel is recognized as the founder of genes as a mode of inheritance, and his work was not recognized for its value until after his death, decades after his discoveries. Genotypes and phenotypes are described through illustration and interactive lessons.

Genetic Inheritance: Incomplete Dominance and Co-dominance: In this course the student will conduct cross-breeding experiments of pea plants, snapdragons plants, and lentil plants. The traits will be determined from the crosses in order to determine the rules of dominance in genetics. Traits in humans, rabbits and horses are also examined.

Genetic Inheritance: Understanding Punnet Squares: This course teaches how to use Punnet Square chart to predict all possible genetic/phenotypic combinations in a cross of two parents with known genes. Punnett squares are named after an English geneticist, Reginald Punnett. This course uses interactive tools and case study examinations to teach how the basic principles of genetics, including sex linkage and sex determination, are used to predict inheritance. Geneticist, Reginald Punnett is most well known for his work with the feather color traits of chickens, which would be used to quickly separate male and female chickens. This course examines these tools for determining ratios of offspring.

Genetic Inheritance: Sex Determination and Linkage: Explore sex determination in humans by investigating the pattern of inheritance of sex-linked traits. Colorblindness is used as the primary example, and through case studies and interactive lessons, how to predict phenotypic outcomes of sex-linked traits in offspring are described.

Genetic Inheritance: Crossing Over during Meiosis: There are millions of combinations of chromosomes that can occur in each egg and sperm. This is an advanced level course which uses interactive learning models to teach how crossing over works during meiosis. The course will detail the specifics regarding Morgan’s Experiment on fruit flies. Then, a definition of genetic mapping and an illustration as to how it is performed brings it all together.

Genetic Inheritance: Natural Selection: This course uses 3 different case studies and many interactive lessons to teach how natural selection changes a species population over different periods of time.

Genetic Inheritance: Understanding Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium: Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Equation is an ideal which states that the frequencies of alleles and genotypes in a population are in equilibrium, and thus remain constant from one generation to the next, and only up until a disturbance occurs, such as mutations, natural selection, genetic drift, gene flow, limited population size, random mating. Through the use of interactive lessons and engaging case studies, the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Equation is explained in detail.

Genetic Counseling: The Role of a Genetic Counselor: In this course, the learner will take the role of a genetic counselor, and handle a variety of cases. Human Genetic disorders such as sickle cell anemia and hemophilia are examined. The learner will create a pedigree in order to answer genetic counseling questions.

Genetic Identity: DNA Fingerprinting to Solve Crimes: This course will demonstrate how detectives use DNA fingerprinting to identify suspects. Just as a persons fingerprints are unique, a persons DNA is unique. This course uses interactive and engaging lessons and case studies to illustrate just how DNA fingerprinting is used to accurately match suspects with evidence involved in the crime.

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