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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Professional Certification Program (GLP00S1)

Certification Training Duration: 13 hours (the average time to complete the training program, including final assessments).
Credits Hours: 13
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PRICE: USD $1299.00

Description: This program provides a comprehensive overview of the concepts and requirements necessary for compliance with Quality Control (Good Laboratory Practices in Life Sciences).
Training Provided By: BioPharma Institute

BioPharma Institute LogoThe Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Professional Certification Program Includes the Following Individual Courses:

GLP: Introduction to QC: This online course introduces participants to the basic concepts and requirements of Good Quality Control Laboratory Practices. It will review industry standards used in specifying requirements for QC and define the elements in establishing a Laboratory Quality System and Quality Manual for a chemical analytical laboratory.

GLP: QC in a Regulated Laboratory: This online course introduces the participants to the basic concepts and requirements of QC in a regulated pharmaceutical laboratory. The issues that laboratory auditors focus on will also be discussed. Specific pharmaceutical regulatory requirements will be presented including requirements for investigation and handling out of specification conditions and current Good Automated Laboratory practices (GALP). Current guidelines published by the TGA and FDA will be reviewed.

GLP: Basic Statistics for QC Laboratories: This online course covers some essential and practical statistical techniques necessary for analysts working in a laboratory. Students will learn when and how to apply techniques to data presentation, analysis and interpretation.

GLP: Sampling Plans: This online course discusses the special problems associated with pharmaceutical production, whether active or inactive ‘chemical’ materials, printed or unprinted packaging materials, in-process materials, process water, or finished product. It reviews the theory and application of statistical and practical sampling plans.

GLP: Stability Programs: This online course introduces the student to the requirements for stability programs, their purpose, and how they are reviewed. Basic requirements for scheduling tests will be presented.

GLP: Microbiology and QC: This online course provides an introduction to the basic concepts and requirements of Quality Control for microbiological testing laboratories under GMP requirements. The course reviews introduction to the basic concepts and requirements, and discusses issues focused on by laboratory auditors, specific pharmaceutical regulatory requirements, including requirements and guidelines for microbial limits for non-sterile products. The course also reviews the current laboratory guidelines published by the TGA and FDA.

GLP: Microbiology Laboratory Techniques: This online course describes some fundamental techniques and procedures that are used regularly in microbiology laboratories.

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