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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Herschel, Sir William (1738-1822):

Short Biography – Herschel, Sir William (1738-1822):

Born in Hanover, Herschel started out as an oboist in the Hanoverian Guards band; and, as such, made a visit to England. Of course, a fellow Hanoverian, George II (1683-1760) was on the throne of England and Hanoverians were generally welcomed in England. Taking a position as an organist and music teacher at Bath — the center in England of all that was socially correct — Herschel was to make England his home. He developed an interest in astronomy. He made, 1773-74, a reflecting telescope; and, then, proceeded to discover the planet Uranus. In 1782, Herschel was appointed as George III’s private astronomer. Herschel “greatly added to our knowledge of the solar system, of the milky way, and of the nebulae’ he discovered, besides Uranus and two of its satellites, two satellites of Saturn, the rotation of Saturn’s ring, the period of rotation of Saturn, and the motions of the binary stars; and made a famous catalogue of double stars, etc.” (Chambers.)

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