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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Hooke, Robert (1635-1703):

Short Biography – Hooke, Robert (1635-1703):

Coming from the Isle of Wight, Hooke went to Oxford (Christ Church). He was to be a student of Robert Boyle’s. In 1662, he became curator of experiments to the Royal Society and, in 1677, its secretary. In 1665 he published Micrographia a book on botany, chemistry, etc. Hooke anticipated the steam engine by describing that bodies of material can be extended or compressed, depending on their elasticity: Hooke’s Law. It seems he realized that man might be able to see beyond the edges if only he had better tools; he therefore set out to invent them. To Hooke is contributed, in a material way, the invention of the quadrant, Gregorian telescope and microscope. It therefore should not come as a surprise that many discoveries are contributed to Robert Hooke.

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