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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Venturi, Giovanni Battista (1746-1822):

Short Biography – Venturi, Giovanni Battista (1746-1822):

Italian physicist, who determined that “a short constriction in a tube between two longer tapered portions that are usually of unequal length but terminate with the same diameter, so that there is a drop in pressure in a fluid flowing through the constriction which may be used to determine the rate of flow or used as a source of suction; also devices having this form and the effect involved.” (OED.) Another way of putting it, is, that the speed of a fluid flowing through a tube can be accelerated by introducing a tapering constriction into the flow path. Bernouilli?s principle tells us that Venturi?s constriction will also lower the fluid pressure, since an increase in velocity must lead to a decrease in pressure, and, for all you cottager’s out there, this is the principle behind the jet pump.

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