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Monday, May 29, 2023
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How Do You Reliably Back Up Biopharma Electronic Records?

Biopharma records are important tools for any pharmaceutical firms, which is why most of them go to great lengths to ensure that they keep them safe. Using encryption and other advanced security protocols is generally advisable to either reduce the chances of malicious parties getting the data, or being unable to use the data if they get it.

In addition to that, backing up the data is also important in case of loss of the original records. One policy that can be used to make this reliable is ensuring that the backups are not in the same physical region as the original records. This way, events such as fires or flash floods will not destroy both the original and the backup records.

Regular updates are necessary to ensure that the backups are current as well. Some backup systems will do this in real time, ensuring that your backup data is similar to the original records at all times. In some cases, this can be done as a batch process depending on how you set it. For instance, the system can update the backups every day or every week depending on your needs. Which method you use depends on the sensitivity of the data, as well as how important it is to you.

Always make sure that the backup location has proper security protocols in place. These include encryption and the use of firewalls to reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Choosing a backup solution should therefore be a careful process where all the technical details are examined carefully.