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Wednesday, October 04, 2023
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Virtual Reality – Strategy & Training Tactics

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming a more popular tactic when training employees on the critical procedures of manufacturing pharmaceuticals or medical devices.

Biopharma Institute works with experienced players in this industry to custom produce these engaging training applications. We’ll meet you where you’re at with your VR initiative — whether you need a VR learning strategy, a single solution, something in between, or simply some good advice. We have experience with multiple headsets, VR development tools, and distribution platforms, so we know how to point you in the right direction.

Our process is unmatched and client focused. We start every initiative by discussing your project goals, expectations, pain points, and scope. We’ll guide you throughout the process to ensure we have a thorough and shared understanding of how VR will be used, as well as expected outcomes.

Each VR component build occurs in sprints. Each sprint includes a cycle of planning, design and development, and review and revise — usually executed in two-week cycles. From there, we pilot and help you deploy. If needed, we can support VR adoption in your organization through readiness surveys (networks, equipment, and space requirements), communications (meetings, email, video, etc.), and implementation plans.

Tap into the new possibilities of leveraging VR for learning.

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