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Wednesday, October 04, 2023
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About Us

Biopharma Institute is determined to provide exceptional training solutions and support to students, training managers, and all its clients.

Biopharma Institute assists pharmaceutical, clinical research, and medical device organizations, and those companies servicing these types of organizations, to reinforce the importance for sustaining compliance through employee awareness training, instructing the workers on how to be compliant, and describing why these federally mandated compliance rules must be followed. It is all about product safety.

Whether manufacturing food, cosmetics, medical devices, or pharmaceuticals; companies making these products are responsible for the safety of their consumers. If these rules are routinely reinforced upon employees through effective and documented training, and compliance is consistently maintained, the company is demonstrating that it is performing what is essential to manufacture products which are reliable, of high-quality, and safe to use.

Since 2003, Biopharma Institute has been offering convenient, efficient, and effective training solutions to professionals working within the pharmaceutical, clinical research, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Over the years, Biopharma Institute has compiled a comprehensive offering of online courses, live and recorded seminars, books, and other training tools used to teach employees how to be compliant when preforming specific job functions. Biopharma Institute has proudly provided online training to professionals working within thousands of corporations in the US, and abroad.

In August 2022, Biopharma Institute was honored to be awarded a US government contract to provide GMP training to the US Department of Veterans Affairs employees working in its clinical research drug manufacturing facility.

Delivering excellent support is imperative in this industry, and it is one of the main objectives we focus deeply on. Biopharma Institute intends to address all questions or issues, which sometimes arise, within one business day. Our aim is to offer remote training that is reliable, easy to navigate, current on regulations, and effective at transferring knowledge.

Group employee training is one of the most important solutions we offer. We choose to make this a good experience for everyone involved, from the students to those managing the group training. We offer easy procedures for training managers to effortlessly attain and manage training records, enrollments, and budget, while also delivering a dependable and relevant education which is up to date on regulations. All this while supplying swift support for both students and training managers.

Biopharma Institute is a proud 2022 platinum sponsor of Association for GxP Excellence (AGXPE). AGXPE aims to develop and share scientifically sound quality and compliance best practices, coupled with practical technical training information and resources, to advance quality and compliance in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, food, cosmetics, and supplement industries. The association has members with expertise in all these areas and is expanding in reach and industry, rapidly.

Biopharma Institute is honored to have been the recipient of several awards, such as ‘2021 Best Pharma Training Provider’ from Global Health & Pharma and ‘2021 Best Pharmaceutical Training Solutions’ at the Education and Training Awards presented by CorporateVision. We are also proud to have been recognized by MedTech Association in 2022 as their Ecosystem Partner. We thank all those who have nominated us for these awards.

Life Sciences Review, 2022By employing advanced online training techniques, coupled with a novel automated tracking systems, Biopharma Institute is assisting corporations by educating their employees and maintaining training records with the goal of improving the overall quality of product or service they offer.

With expertise in managing large training projects, Biopharma Institute aims to assist professionals with uncovering new discoveries and furthering their understanding of the industry and the peripheral regulations within it.

Biopharma Institute has both the experience and content required to deliver the high quality training you, your employees, and your colleagues require to maintain compliance, advance performance, and succeed with achieving professional and corporate objectives.

Types of Training Offered from Biopharma Institute:

Computer-based Training (CBT): The activity of imparting and acquiring skills through training provided via computer, either offline or through the Internet, allows the trainee to learn at their own pace and review topics more than once. Creative illustrations, reading and interacting with text or images, and listening to audio are all proven to be very effective methods for conveying knowledge. Biopharma Institute’s computer-based training offers an engaging, time-efficient, and affordable method of conveying knowledge to students. By incorporating progress checks, problem solving activities, case studies, and mnemonic learning aids, Biopharma Institute training programs are proven to be very successful at transferring understanding to learners. Biopharma Institute has made computer-based training it number one priority and believes that this is the most effective and efficient method for employee compliance training. We are proud to offer our subject matter expert (SME) developed content and proven experience delivering high-quality, engaging, and effective computer-based training to pharmaceutical, clinical research, and medical device companies around the world.

Instructor-led Training (ILT): The acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies can be very successful using instructor-led training (either virtual or in-person). This form of training has proven to be a very an effective way to convey knowledge to employees. Biopharma Institute has a pool of subject matter experts with proven experience delivering high-quality and effective instructor-led training (ILT).

Blended Learning: Blended learning incorporates both, instructor-led training (ILT) (either virtual or in-person) with computer-based training. In many cases, this method is used to assure the preparation for training has been performed by all learners. This can produce a more engaging live training activity. Many companies are now using blended learning to increase the performance and engagement of their training activities. Biopharma Institute has experience assisting companies with developing and implementing blended training programs to fulfill their employee compliance training requirements.


Awards, Sponsorships, and Registrations:

AGXPE 2022 Platinum Sponsor US Government Drug Manufacturing Center Awards Biopharma Institute GMP Training Contract

Manage HR 2021 Award Corporate Vision 2021 Award

GHP 2021 Award MedTech 2022 Award

Life Sciences Review 2022 Award

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