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Sunday, July 25, 2021
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About Us

Biopharma Institute is proud to have been awarded ‘2021 Best Online Pharma Industry Training Provider’ from Global Health & Pharma and ‘2021 Best Online Pharmaceutical Training Solution’ at the Education and Training Awards presented by CorporateVision. We thank all those who have nominated us for this award.

Since 2003, Biopharma Institute has been offering convenient, efficient, and effective training solutions to professionals working within the pharmaceutical, clinical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries. Over the years, the Institute has compiled a comprehensive offering of online courses, live and recorded seminars, books, and other training tools used to teach the many aspects of specific job functions, regulations, and applications found within these industries.

Biopharma Institute has proudly provided online training to professionals working within thousands of corporations in the US, and abroad.

By employing advanced online training techniques, coupled with a novel automated tracking systems, Biopharma Institute is assisting corporations by educating their employees and maintaining training records, with the goal to improve the overall quality of product or service they offer.

With expertise in managing large training projects, Biopharma Institute aims to assist professionals with uncovering new discoveries and furthering their understanding of the industry and the peripheral technologies within it.

Biopharma Institute has both the experience and course content required to deliver the high quality training you, your employees, and/or your colleagues need to advance careers and succeed with achieving professional objectives.

In addition to providing online training, Biopharma Institute has also been assisting in the development of other biotechnology and healthcare businesses over the years. One of its early successes was GeneTree, a provider of consumer-oriented DNA testing solutions, which was sold to Sorenson Genomics in 2001.

Some of the other businesses that the Biopharma Institute is currently incubating are listed here:

  • AbuseCheck™ Substance Abuse Testing – A retail business unit which provides novel hair alcohol and drug abuse testing solutions to consumers, employers, and distributors.
  • LabDraw™ Healthcare Directory – A healthcare directory and rating service which has grown to contain over 3 million contacts for healthcare providers and is visited by nearly 400,000 patients each month.
  • American Paternity Association – A consumer-oriented provider of DNA testing solutions used for determining biological relationships.

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