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Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Employee Training for Corporations

Biopharma Institute Corporate Training SolutionsGroup training is one of our most important solutions. We choose to make this a good experience for everyone, from our students to those managing the training.

Biopharma Institute offers easy procedures for training managers to effortlessly attain and manage training, from records to enrollments and budget. All this while delivering a dependable and relevant education, one which is current on the regulations, and offers swift support for both students and training managers.

Corporate Training Solutions:

  • On Demand Training Manager Portal: Purchase discounted training. The Training Manager Portal is used to enroll students, access training records and certifications (including Excel Download), and view account balance. This is a complimentary solution available when using Biopharma Institute’s learning management system (LMS) to train groups (contact us for more information).

  • Corporate LMS Solutions (Site-license): Most Biopharma Institute courses are SCORM-compliant, and can be delivered from corporate learning management systems (LMSs). Click here to see our complete list of individual courses which could be delivered from most learning management systems (contact us for more information).

  • Unlimited Student Licenses: Purchase unlimited access to training. A Training Manager Portal is available to enroll students, access training records and certifications (including Excel Download). This is a complimentary solution available when using Biopharma Institute’s learning management system (LMS) to train groups (contact us for more information).

  • Turn your PowerPoint or Video into an eLearning Module: Biopharma Institute offers instructional design services which could transition your slide deck or video into an engaging, interactive, SCORM-packaged eLearning module. The developed modules can be hosted on your corporate learning management system (LMS) or made exclusively available to your employees, contractors or clients from Biopharma Institute’s learning management system (LMS). (contact us for more information).

On Demand Training Manager Portal:

For corporations seeking to train 2 or more students, Biopharma Institute offers its ‘On Demand Training Manager Portal’.

Training Manager Portal Features:

    • Training Manager Portal Utility: Used to enroll students, export training records, view student activity, and manage the training account budget.

    • Purchase Discounted Courses or Bulk Licensing Credits: Each Licensing Credit purchased at a discount is equal to $1 in value toward purchasing any of Biopharma Institute’s courses.

    • Self-hosted & Maintained LMS: Secure LMS maintained by Biopharma Institute’s support team and Sucuri, keeping our website and learning management system (LMS) safe and fast.

This program from Biopharma Institute is the most convenient solution when training 1 – 5000 students. With the easy Training Manager Portal, training manager’s are able to log into the account, enroll employees into courses, monitor and track training records, and easily manage their training budget. All at the tip of their fingers.

Biopharma Institute’s On Demand Training is developed to be flexible, and to distribute as many student enrollments as needed. Each Licensing Credit purchased at a discount is equal to $1 in value toward purchasing any of Biopharma Institute’s courses.

A Training Manager is assigned to the Training Manager Portal account. They will use the portal to;

  • Enroll employees into any Biopharma Institute course or program for one (1) year of access.
  • View training status for the group of employees.
  • View account details, such as the balance left on the account.
  • Purchase more credits.

The On Demand Training Manager Portal Credits never expire once purchased when they are not used. However, access to the Training Manager Portal continues indefinitely unless there has been no activity for greater than 48 months.

Added Benefit for Participation:

Once you have used all your Licensing Credits, the On Demand Training Manager Portal may also be used to purchase more credits at discounted price, equal to the plans discount, from the Biopharma Institute enrollment system. To do this the purchaser will use the issued account code when ordering, which will automatically apply the discount to the student enrollment. Using this code during purchasing will also automatically associate the student with the Training Manager’s Portal account.

Simplified Training & Records Management:

  • Automated and continuously updated training records.
  • Each learner and each learner’s supervisor can track progress, in real time.
  • Providing up-to-the-minute regulatory data. Training records are always accurate, and ready for inspection at any time by management and regulatory agencies.

Quality of Biopharma Institute Courses:

  • Course content and science has been accredited or validated by leading subject material experts (SMEs), medical professionals, and/or scientists.
  • Courses are SCORM and/or AICC compliant.
  • Biopharma Institute LMS is customizable, and can be packaged and branded for any company.
  • Training Manager Portal is designed uniquely for corporate training.
  • Animations are media rich and more engaging than the standard power-point instructional presentations.

Biopharma Institute has been a trusted name in eLearning for the life sciences since 1998. Biopharma Institute’s custom design group can create custom courses and curricula focused on addressing a specific need within the development pipeline, and has produced custom courses ranging from purposes of patient education, to bio-manufacturing training, and product-specific sales training. Moreover, Biopharma Institute can perform gap-analysis at any stage of drug development, and provide solutions geared toward streamlining development and eliminating knowledge gaps.

Each Biopharma Institute course comes with the following features:

  • Immediate access to training: Instructions, username, password, and receipt of payment are emailed instantly upon online enrollment.
  • Self-paced courses: 24/7 access to individual courses for 6 months and 1 year for professional certification programs.
  • Optimized for learning: Courses include voice-overs, easy navigation, case studies, progress checks, and high-quality animations to increase retention of subject matter.
  • Verification of training: Certificates can be verified online, and digital badges are issued for all professional certification programs.
  • Secure and safe access: Website and LMS provide an encrypted connection with firewall protection and daily scans for malware to deliver optimal level of security and performance.
  • Purchase orders (POs): If a PO is required by your company, request an invoice to start the procurement process. we accept all purchase orders.
  • Corporate LMS compatibility: All courses are SCORM compliant and can be delivered from most corporate Learning Management Systems.
  • Tuition reimbursement: Some employers may reimburse for training expenses. Check your company’s training reimbursement policy.
  • Career advancement: Professional certifications help demonstrate your interest and dedication to your career and job performance. They may be helpful for those seeking a new career or transitioning to different positions within their organization.
  • Financial assistance: Payment plans are available to those who qualify. These are offered when paying electronic invoices, online. You must first request an invoice to be considered. Alternatively, purchasing individual courses one at a time is also an option.
  • Flexible final assessments: Assessment testing include multiple-choice questions and can be taken repeatedly until a passing score is achieved.
  • Direct access to certificates: Certificate of completion is instantly available once requirements have been fulfilled.

Types of Training Offered From the Biopharma Institute:

Live, In-person Training: The acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of having a live, in-person instructor is a wonderful way to train employees. However, the cost involved, the inconsistency of formats, and variety of quality among teachers all contribute to the extreme variability in its performance. Many companies spend lots of money providing unsuccessful training to its employees. At the Biopharma Institute we have a pool of live, in-person, instructors with proven experience delivering high-quality and effective training.

Computer-based Training: The activity of imparting and acquiring skills through training provided via computer, either offline or through the Internet, allows the trainee to learn at their own pace and review topics more than once through illustrations, reading text, and listening to online seminars. This is a very effective, time- and cost-efficient, method of training. By incorporating progress checks, problem solving, case studies, and mnemonic learning aids, this form of training is extremely successful. Biopharma Institute has made computer-based training our expertise. We are proud to offer our SME-developed content and proven experience delivering high-quality and effective computer-based training to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world.

Blended Training: Blended Training incorporates both, live, in-person training with supplemented computer-based training. This method allows for the added assurance that preparation for training has been performed by all learners. Many companies are now resorting to blended training to increase the performance of their training activities. At Biopharma Institute, we have experience assisting companies with developing and implementing blended training into their delivery.

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