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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Biopharma Institute Certification Programs

At Biopharma Institute, we offer a wide variety of industry-recognized courses that prepare participants for examinations using our world-class online training portal. Our courses cover an array of industries including pharmaceutical, regulatory affairs, medical device, clinical research, and healthcare. Our training programs are designed to help individuals, employees, and their companies make valuable contributions across their business areas.

Certification Programs for Professionals

Whether you are planning to advance your career or take up new roles in your current position, you can be sure that our Biopharma Institute programs will help you achieve your goals. Below is a quick look at the various benefits our professional certification programs provide:

  • Strong credibility: Biopharma Institute’s courses are designed to help bolster your strong credibility.
  • Greater learning flexibility: You can learn on your terms via our 24/7 access to online courses and other flexible training tools.
  • Perfect for personnel development: You can expand your professional advancement to drive knowledge, collaboration, enthusiasm, and motivation toward compliance.
  • Taught by industry-active instructors: Our course instructors live and breathe their subject matter. It’s the leverage you need. Being associated with subject matter experts in the industry is paramount in making progress.
  • Maintain organizational competitive edge: Our online programs allow companies to stay up-to-date with industry compliance updates, regulatory changes, and market trends.

Training Certification Programs

Below is a quick look at the various certification programs designed for professionals:

(CMPro™) Clinical Trials Monitoring Professional Certification Program for CRAs

Clinical research associates who hold a CMPro™ designation have met the professional learning standards set forth by the Biopharma Institute.

(CRCPro™) Clinical Trials Coordinator – Professional Certification Program for CRCs

Clinical research coordinators who hold a CRCPro™ designation have met the professional learning standards set forth by the Biopharma Institute.

(PMPro™) Pharmaceutical Microbiology Professional Certification Program

PMPro™ is designed for professionals who require an understanding of the tests and methods used for microbial monitoring of the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment in order to maintain the safety of the drug products being manufactured.

(CSVPro™) Computer System Validation (CSV) Professional Certification Program

CSVPro™ is to train those responsible for managing computer system validation in a manner which meets the requirements of the FDA and European regulatory agencies.

(VALPro™) Pharmaceutical Validation Management Professional Certification Program

VALPro™ offers students with the principles behind the international regulations assuring effective validation and qualification procedures, commonly referred to as good validation practice. The program includes training on computer systems, equipment cleaning validation, operational/performance qualification, commissioning and installation qualification, master plans and documentation, and principles and international regulations.

(QAPro™) US Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance (QA) Professional Certification Program

QAPro™ is designed to train professionals involved in a broad range of responsibilities within a GMP compliant pharmaceutical manufacturing organization, especially those responsible for overseeing quality.

(CTPro™) Clinical Trials Management Professional Certification Program

CTPro™ professional certification program is designed for regulatory affairs personnel, clinical research managers, project managers, investigators, and clinical research associates, or any others working on clinical trials or as a regulatory manager of clinical research program.

(GLPro™) Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Professional Certification Program

GLPro™ communicates the principles of current good laboratory practices (cGLP) and its importance within a regulated laboratory environment. The program instills the benefits of cGLP and how it leads to the creation of technically defendable scientific data, by which its quality, reliability and trustworthiness can be assured. The programs also describes the regulations and standards associated with cGLP, the fundamental requirements of cGLP and the consequences of non-compliance for regulated laboratories.

(GMPro™) Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Professional Certification Program

GMPro™ is an excellent choice for gaining a strong and holistic understanding of GMP and how it applies, globally, to the many areas of a drug manufacturing company. The program is used to train those involved in overseeing quality, auditing processes, or supervising a broad range of responsibilities within a pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

(GDPro™) Good Documentation Practices (GDocP) Professional Certification Program

GDPro™ has been designed to help those working in GMP environments to understand Good Documentation Practices in the light of Data Integrity requirements. Students completing this training program will be versed in all aspect of GDocP in a regulated manufacturing environment.

(RAPro™) International Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Professional Certification Program

RAPro™ professional certification program is designed for those responisble for regulatory affairs involved in the global selling and marketing of pharmaceuticals.

(DSPro™) Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Professional Certification Program

DSPro™ professional certification program will provide the student with a comprehensive overview of the requirements and concepts necessary to attain a strong understanding of drug safety and pharmacovigilance.

Choose Biopharma Institute for Your Certification Needs
Biopharma Institute has been in the business for over two decades. We have a comprehensive offering of live/recorded seminars, online courses, books, and more. If you wish to participate in one of our online professional certification programs, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (888) 424-6576 or send us an email at