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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Microbiology and Good Manufacturing Practice Professional Certification Program (GMP001S2)

Certification Training Duration: 3.6 hours (the average time to complete the training program, including final assessments).
Credits Hours: 4
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Certificate: View sample certificate.

PRICE: USD $359.00


This Microbiology and Good Manufacturing Practice Professional Certification Program is a comprehensive overview of Microbiology and Good Manufacturing Practice, providing a solid introduction to the management and control of quality control testing in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. It includes an emphasis on workplace microbiology. There are two areas of training you will undergo: GMP: An Introduction to Good Manufacturing Practices and GMP: Microbiology in the Workplace. Once all course requirements have been satisfied you will 1) receive a Certificate of Completion Or Professional Designation, 2) have been introduced to workplace microbiology, and 3) have gained the required skills to contribute to your organization when it comes to industry standards and staying within federal regulation compliances.

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Training Provided By: BioPharma Institute

BioPharma Institute LogoThe Microbiology and Good Manufacturing Practice Professional Certification Program Includes the Following Individual Courses:

GMP: An Introduction to Good Manufacturing Practices: This course contains an introduction, product quality information, a scope of GMP rules, a section on cleaning and sanitation, a look at documentation, and concludes with a summary of the course. Course objecti … Learn more

GMP: Microbiology in the Workplace: This GMP: Microbiology In the Workplace Program is a comprehensive overview of Microbiology In the Workplace as it relates to Good Manufacturing Practice. The curriculum of this course includes an introduction … Learn more

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