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GCP: Preparing for an Audit or Inspection (GCP006)

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In order to ensure compliance with GCP (Good Clinical Practice), clinical trial sites of investigators and sponsors are subject to rigorous inspection by regulatory agencies. In this course, United States and European aspects are examined in the context of inspection/audit of the investigator's and sponsor's site. The differences between inspections and audits are explained in so much as how they affect the stages leading up to actual procedures. It gives an overview of the meaning of inspections/audits and takes the mystery out of the entire process through a breakdown to its original components.

This course discusses in detail the phases preceding a GCP inspection/audit. An adequate preparation in order to fully cooperate with inspectors/auditors means having an understanding of their goals and agendas. You must comprehend why specific functions, processes, and documentation are needed and what the inspector/auditor is looking for. This will greatly enhance the procedures involved in internal QA. Auditing assures both the sponsor and the agency that proper standards are being met, and that the sites are adequate for the undertaking of studies in clinical research.

The entire program must be viewed by students in order to pass. An online, multiple-choice final assessment score of 75% or better is required. Course takers can attempt the final assessment any number of times, as needed, in order to achieve a passing grade. Once all course requirements have been satisfied, a certificate of completion is immediately available.

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Introduction: This session explains the reasons for having audits/inspections, introduces the people involved in them and clarifies the general terminology and main differences between the US and European systems.

The Investigator's audit/inspection: This session outlines which functions, processes and documentation are audited/inspected at the investigator's site and what personnel at the site need to be aware of in order to prepare.

The sponsor's audit/inspection: This session outlines which functions, processes and documentation are audited/inspected at the sponsor's site and what personnel at the site need to be aware of in order to prepare.

Audit/inspection of external suppliers: This session focuses on the arrangements that need to be in place between sponsors and external suppliers to ensure that causes for concern affecting audits/ inspections are properly managed.

Tools and case studies: Case studies help to review newly acquired knowledge and set it in a realistic context. An audit/ inspection checklist is also provided as reference material.


Students completing this course should be able to:

--Understand the reasons for audits and inspections.

--Explain what needs to be done prior to an audit/inspection of a sponsor's site.

--Explain what needs to be done prior to an audit/inspection of an investigator's site.

--Understand the audit/inspection of external supplier

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