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Wednesday, October 04, 2023
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What Are Some Of The Special Requirements For Drug Warehousing?

In the pharmaceutical industry, drug warehousing is an important step in the chain of drug distribution. Unlike other goods, drugs need to be handled in a specific way when warehousing so as to reduce the risk of contamination, theft and any other occurrences that might jeopardize the quality of the drugs.

One of the special warehousing requirements needed to facilitate this is having a controlled warehouse climate. The presence of too much humidity, heat and other elements could potentially affect the chemical structure of the drugs, particularly if they are not packaged properly. This could lead to them being less efficacious or even toxic to anyone who uses them. A warehouse intended for storage of drugs needs to be designed with this in mind.

Security is an important aspect of drug warehousing. This is particularly so if the drugs in store are in high demand, such as those that are prone to abuse. Ensuring that these drugs are kept under lock and key reduces the risk of theft which not only promotes addiction in the society, but also represents a loss for the pharmaceutical firm. An example of a drug that is prone to theft is morphine.

Proper record-keeping systems must be in place for any drugs warehouse. This makes it easy to monitor the inventory as well as to track movement of drugs to the end user. If a particular batch turns out to contain defective drugs, having an effective record-keeping system enables one to easily identify the batch and take measures to retrieve the drugs. It is also a legal requirement in many jurisdictions.