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Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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GLP: Introduction to QC (GLP01)

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Enrollment Period: 3 months.
Catalog: Good Laboratory Practices.
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This online course introduces students to the basic requirements and concepts of Good Quality Control Laboratory Practices. It will review the standards used in the industry and specify QC requirements and define the elements in establishing a Quality Manual and Laboratory Quality System for a chemical analytical library. The course includes an introduction and sections on the lab quality system, basic safety practices, laboratory documents, record-keeping, test specifications and methods, and a conclusion summarizing the previously listed topics. Once all course requirements have been satisfied you will have access to a Certificate of Completion in PDF format.

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Certification Requirements: Students must view the entire program and successfully pass an online, multiple-choice final assessment with >80% passing grade within a 90 day period of time (180 days for Professional Certification Programs). Certificate is accessible in PDF format immediately after satisfying requirements.

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1. Welcome
2. Overview
3. Reviews and Assessments

4. What do you think?
5. QC solution
6. Overview
7. Role of the laboratory
8. Sections of ISO 17025
9. Understanding the manual
10. Quality manual content
11. Change control
12. Important laboratory SOPs
13. What do you think?
14. Training of personnel
15. Review

16. What do you think?
17. QC solution
18. Overview
19. MSDS
20. Basic rules for lab safety
21. Safety and efficiency
22. Housekeeping rules
23. Review

24. What do you think?
25. QC solution
26. Overview
27. Lab documentation
28. Test method structure
29. Lab notebooks
30. Validation protocols
31. Performance parameters
32. Lab instruments
33. Review

34. What do you think?
35. QC solution
36. Overview
37. Key supporting records
38. Completing lab notebooks
39. Summarizing records
40. Reviewing records
41. Review

42. What do you think?
43. QC solution
44. Overview
45. Test methods
46. Test method integrity
47. Typical sample processing
48. Specifications
49. Pharmacopoeias
50. Reference standards
51. Review

52. Summary


List typical chapters of a Laboratory Quality Manual.
State some basic laboratory safety practices.
Describe the linkage between various laboratory documents.
State the 'rules' for record keeping and data recording.
List the key features of test methods and specifications.
State why GLP housekeeping is important.

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