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Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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GLP Quality Control: IQ/OQ and Calibration of Lab Equipment (GLPQ02)

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This course is to be taken online, and covers the requirements for the qualification of laboratory instruments, including Performance Qualification (PQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Installation Qualification (IQ). An explanation of the relationship between qualification, user requirement specifications, and vendors is given. Also, the program addressed is a different approach to complex and simple instruments. Collaboration requirements and specifications for chromatographic systems, spectrophotometers, and dissolution apparatus are reviewed. Once all course requirements have been satisfied, the student will have immediate access to a certificate of completion in PDF format.

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Certification Requirements: Students must view the entire program and successfully pass an online, multiple-choice final assessment with >80% passing grade within a 90 day period of time (180 days for Professional Certification Programs). Certificate is accessible in PDF format immediately after satisfying requirements.

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1. Introduction
2. Instrument calibration
3. Useful definitions
4. Good QC laboratory data
5. The V model
6. Applying the V model
7. Simple vs complex instruments
8. Qualification phases
9. Vendors
10. Lab instrument specialist
11. Review

12. Introduction
13. Instrument URS
14. Qualification approach
15. Steps of Installation Qualification (IQ)
16. IQ: USP definition
17. Operational Qualification (OQ) Phase
18. OQ: USP definition
20. Performance Qualification (PQ) Phase
22. PQ: USP definition
23. System suitability testing
24. SST acceptance criteria
25. Qualification protocols
26. Protocol execution
27. Summary
28. Review

29. Introduction
30. Calibration and performance checks
31. Precision and accuracy
32. GLP identification rules
33. Scope of calibration
34. Calibration rules
35. Schedules
36. Calibration records
37. Review

38. Introduction
39. Classes of software
40. Software qualification rules
41. Software examples
42. Qualifying spreadsheets
43. Review I
44. Review II

45. Introduction
47. HPLC components
48. Typical specifications
49. Column maintenance
50. Mobile phase
51. SST

52. Introduction
53. Types of systems
54. Operation principles
55. Typical specifications
56. Cell specifications
57. Calibration tasks I
58. Calibration tasks II

59. Introduction
60. Dissolution apparatus
61. Performance parameters
62. Typical specifications
63. Calibration tasks
64. Review

65. Introduction
66. Purpose
67. What to record
68. Review

69. Summary


--Describe the steps involved in IQ and OQ of instruments.
--State the requirements for software qualification.
--List chromatography instrument calibration requirements and frequency.
--List general lab instrument calibration requirements and frequency.
--State the QC expectations for instrument logbooks.

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