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Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Medical Device Regulatory Affairs: Global Quality Management Systems, the Requirements (MDG2)

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This course details the regulatory expectations for quality management system (QMS) certification, identifies vital elements of the essential and standard administration roles, and explains how ISO 13485:2003 (the ISO standard) relates to the medical device industry. The key differences between ISO13485 medical device and ISO 9000 QMS are presented and discussed. The course objectives are to recognize how the QMS is to be certified by an external auditing authority, to identify some key roles in administration of the QMS, to identify the resources needed and the key areas of the QMS, and to state how ISO 13485:2003 relates to the medical device industry. This course is also included in the Global Medical Device Regulatory Affairs Professional Certification Program.

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1. Welcome
2. Introduction
3. Assessment

4. Why Use ISO13485:2003?
5. Applying ISO13485:2003
6. Defining A QMS
7. Review

8. Introduction
9. Key Areas Of The QMS
10. ISO9000 Vs ISO13485
11. Resource Management
12. Product Realization
13. Planning For Product Realization
14. Customer-Related Processes
15. Design & Development
16. Purchasing & Vendor Assurance
17. Production & Service Provision
18. Control Of Production Processes

19. Measurement & Analysis I
20. Measurement & Analysis II
21. Measurement & Analysis III
22. Improvement
23. QMS Documentation
24. Company Responsibilities
25. Review I
26. Review II

27. Iso 13485 Certification
28. What To Expect During An Audit
29. Review

30. Summary



State how ISO 13485:2003 relates to the medical device industry
Identify the key areas of and resources needed for the Quality Management System (QMS)
Identify some key roles in administration of the QMS
Recognize how the QMS is to be certified by an external auditing authority.

The Medical Device Regulatory Affairs: Global Quality Management Systems, the Requirements Course is Included in the Following Professional Certification Programs:

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