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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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cGMP: Warehouse (GMP02)

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Enrollment Period: 3 months.
Catalog: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
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The GMP for the Warehouse training program provides an overview and discussion of the role current good manufacturing practices has in the warehouse; and offers an emphasis in receipts, issues, storage, and distribution. The course covers an introduction to GMP, and includes sections describing the role of the warehouse, cGMP guidelines which pertain to the warehouse rules, receipts, and issues to manufacturing. The course also includes details regarding finished product releases, handling returns, proper documentation practices, and a wrap-up summary. Once all course requirements have been satisfied a Certificate of Completion is immediately made available via PDF.

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Certification Requirements: Students must view the entire program and successfully pass an online, multiple-choice final assessment with passing score within a 90-day period of time (180 days for Professional Certification Programs). Certificate is accessible in PDF format immediately after satisfying requirements.


1. Welcome
2. Objectives
3. Reviews and assessments
4. GDP and GWP
5. Audit findings

6. What do you think?
7. GMP solution
8. Overview
9. What comes into the warehouse?
10. Typical layout of a warehouse
11. Repacking
12. Personnel and training
13. Preventing contamination and deterioration
14. Preventing mix-ups
15. Segregation
16. Review

17. What do you think?
18. GMP solution
19. Overview
20. Housekeeping
21. Identification information
22. Status labels
23. Control of product labels
24. GMP storage requirements
25. Protecting raw materials
26. Pest control
27. Air control
28. Temperature control
29. Cold storage
30. Sensitive materials
31. Review

32. What do you think?
33. GMP solution
34. Overview
35. Receiving materials
36. The MSDS
37. Storing received materials
38. Receiving printed matter
39. Issue of materials
40. Stock rotation
41. Rejecting defective and expired materials
42. Review

43. Overview
44. Release and distribution
45. Preparation for dispatch
46. Pick and pack
47. Transportation

48. What do you think?
49. GMP solution
50. Customer returns
51. Managing recalls
52. Counterfeit products

53. What do you think?
54. GMP solution
55. Overview
56. Inward goods
57. Purchase orders
58. Self-inspections

59. Summary


Students completing this course should be able to:

- Explain the role of the warehouse

- List the GMP procedures needed in the warehouse to control incoming goods

- Identify the GMP requirements for handling starting materials and finished products in the warehouse

- Recognize the GMP issues surrounding release of finished products to the marketplace

- Recognize issues around transport of goods to and from the public

- Recognize how returns are handled by the company

- Identify the different documentation needed in the warehouse

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