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Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Dominating Twitter: How to engage people and build a massive following in 30 days (SOME003)

TIME: Start Time: 1:00 PM End Time: 2:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
NOTES: For live webinars, enrollees have access to the live webinar presentation. The recorded version and literature is available to the enrollee for one full year.

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BioPharma Institute LogoTraining Program: Dominating Twitter: How to engage people and build a massive following in 30 days
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Availability: Immediately available upon ordering.

Description: Online training with immediate access upon enrollment. BioPharma Institute ReviewsA step-by-step guide to creating community and gaining credibility on Twitter for healthcare

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Webinar Description
Twitter is like the most useful and fascinating cocktail party in the world. You are always only a click away from some of the best and brightest in the healthcare field. You can easily find companies and connect with people who need your products or services. You can answer questions and get your own questions answered. You can bring your value to the table, and create instant goodwill by replying or retweeting others. Twitter can help you connect with new partners, new clients, build your business, and more! This webinar will focus on how to create a relationship with people on Twitter to get more kudos and more cash for your healthcare organization. We will cover how to find people who need your help on Twitter, what to say to them without seeming like you're marketing yourself, how to participate in Twitter chats and why you should, how to get lots of targeted followers very quickly, how to create and curate Twitter lists, and MORE.

Get Your Questions Answered:
In order to effectively answer the questions of the participants, this interactive webinar is limited to 35 people. There is also a question-and-answer session at the end of the webinar.

Webinar Outline:
During this 90 minute webinar, in an easy-to-follow process, we'll cover the essential steps you can follow to take your Twitter account from inactive to full-on engagement. We'll answer all of these questions and more:

1. How to design your twitter background for the greatest engagement.
2. How to make a 160 character bio that makes people curious about you.
3. To auto-follow and auto-DM or not? That is the question. Get the answer.
4. How to identify and motivate influential twitter users to retweet you.
5. What hashtag chats are and how can you use them to gain trust.
6. How useful Twitter lists are and how they help you build community around your brand.
7. Which Twitter measurement tools deliver useful ROI data.
8. Which paid Twitter services are most useful and which you can live without.
9. How to use Twitter to drive traffic back to your website and how soon you can expect results.
10. BONUS: How to create a Twitter policy of who to follow, who to connect with, and who not to connect with.

NEW! The following bonus materials are included with this webinar:
1. Sample Twitter profiles that show you what is possible with the right design.
2. A visual process flow document to help you follow the right steps.
3. Continually updated list of over 400 Hashtag chats to find your community FAST.
4. Grid of the best twitter measurement tools and what they offer.

Step-By-Step Live Demonstration:
During this webinar, we will learn the fundamentals of building a successful Twitter account. We'll check out chats, tools, backgrounds, lists and more, and answer your questions with live demos. We'll even critique a few participant Twitter profiles to show areas for improvement.

About the presenter:
Mazarine Treyz has used Twitter since 2007. She tweets and gets an average of 500 clicks on her links per day. She has created a profile that shows her expertise and has gotten new clients and partnerships through Twitter. Her lists in Twitter are followed by hundreds of people. She has taught people in how to use Twitter for professional and personal success since 2010.

Mazarine Treyz has blogged since 1999 and worked in healthcare environments from 1992 to 2005. She has created social media policies and procedures for organizations since 2006. She has worked everywhere from small family practitioner offices to large urban hospitals. She is a featured workshop presenter on social media for healthcare at the Texas Organization for Rural Clinics and Hospitals Conference in September, 2011. Ms. Treyz loves to coach people, businesses, and nonprofits in how to use websites and blogs for professional and personal success. Visit for articles on how to make the most of social media. Follow her on twitter at @ctrlsearch, and say hello!

Certification Requirements: Students must view the entire program and successfully pass an online, multiple-choice final assessment with >80% passing grade within a 90 day period of time (180 days for Professional Certification Programs). Certificate is accessible in PDF format immediately after satisfying requirements.

The Dominating Twitter: How to engage people and build a massive following in 30 days course is found in the following professional certification program(s):

Social Media for Healthcare Professional Certification Program: This Professional Designation Program includes access to 8 webinars, and describes in detail the tactics and strategy involved in Social Media for Healthcare. The individual webinars discuss; 1) Social Media f ... Learn more


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